Daily Post 4/28

Use this journal to write down a strategy for revising your solution presentation into a news article. Think
about your peers’ comments and your own plans for the paper to write about changes you might make.
How will the audience and form of a news articl
e make a difference in how you present and support your
I plan to open with a background on my solution for the introductory paragraph.  It needs to be catchy since it is a news article.  I can achieve this with an interesting opening title and opening line.  Then, I plan to use information similar to the slides I used about the plan for each level.  Unlike my presentation, I want to mention how my focus is implementing bilingual education at a young age verses starting in high school.  Even though my focus is K-6, this is just a matter of starting early.  They will not necessary stop even though they leave elementary school.  From my peers’ responses, I realized that I need to make sure I stick to the facts and not solely depend on my own solution.  My audience will need to be entertained more.  This news article will be more informal compared to my research paper.  It needs concise, yet informative.   

Daily Post 4/23

In my opinion, my rhetorical analysis of an ad was the best essay I wrote for this course.  It was structured well.  Part of the reason why it was structures well was because I put a lot of effort in my outline, which helped the structuring part of the essay much easier as I wrote it.  It had good paragraph unity compared to my other essays.  It was clear that I understood pathos, ethos, and logos.  I was able to effectively describe elements of the the add as well as expand upon their significance.  Areas where I struggle (paragraph unity, structure, and describing to keep attention) where all areas that I approved on in this essay.    

Daily post 4/14

I will look for information to be persuasive and factual.  Statistics and quotes from other individuals will make my argument more credible. Also, I need to identify points of contradiction and address them.  Not only do I have to address them, but I need to come back with a rebuttal.  To present the information, I plan to use prezi instead of PowerPoint because PowerPoint is sometimes over used.  Breaking the norm in presentation formation will make my presentation more visually appealing.  To hold my audience attention, I will ask questions to the audience and try to engage them.  I plan on using images, a video, and a chart or bar graph to present my information in a more visually appealing fashion.  

Daily Post 4/13

Search online newspapers for a 2-3 examples of a proposal argument.
Read articles carefully and write a blog post on the differences/similarities between news articles and scholarly articles.
Discuss aspects from the news articles that you feel were effective or ineffective for a proposal argument. (based on criteria we discussed in class)

“New York Wants To Give Special Education Kids Easier Tests Like ‘The Old South,’ Advocate Says” was the first proposal newspaper article I read that was about how New York is proposing for students with disabilities to take the same standardized tests as other students their age who do not have disabilities.  As for the similarities to a scholarly article, the author quoted other people who were knowledgeable about the topic such as New York’s Education Commissioner and the head of the National Center for Learning Disabilities.  Also, it answers the opposition of going against the plan for children with disabilities to be held to the same standards as it explains where parents and civil rights groups stand.  One difference is that the language is stronger which results in a stronger tone than the scholarly articles.  For example, in the article is reads, …”is both inappropriate and offensive” to the students with disabilities.  Statements like these in the article express more emotions and feelings than the scholarly articles. 

The other article I read was titled “Wales’ top doctor proposes fast food ban near schools.”  This article was focused on Dr. Ruth Hussey’s proposal on promoting heather eating for students.  Similar to scholarly articles, it gave statistics such as 35% of children in Wales are overweight and 19% of children are obese.  In addition, it focuses on Dr. Hussey ideas on how food is a real problem and her ideas for establishing better dietary options for children.  On the other hand, this article is shorter.  It sums up Dr. Hussey’s ideas in a more concise yet persuasive way. 

As I prepare for proposal argument, I would like to introduce the problem in the beginning and convince my audience that my problem is real that needs attention.  Plus, I would like to use strong persuasive language like the newspaper articles verses presenting the information like the scholarly articles.  The scholarly articles tend to present the information with less emotion and persuasion.  The newspaper articles make the problem seem urgent.  Further, I would like to quote other people and use statistics.  These things will make my argument more credible. 




Daily Post 4/8

How to implement bilinugal programs:

  • campaigning for programs in school
  • talking to parents
  • creating a program that works well in elementary classroom
  • trying a test run of  bilingual programs
  • hiring people to come into school districts

Address the following in a blog post:

Make a list of all possible solutions to your problem.
Choose 3 and answer the following questions for each:
Would it work? Why or why not?
How could/would it be implemented? (Be specific) What would be needed to enact this solution (time, resources, participants, etc.)
Is it feasible? Does it have a realistic chance of being implemented? Why or why not?
What are likely audience objections? How could you overcome these?
Look over your analysis for each possible solution, and write a paragraph discussing which solution you think is the best and why.
Briefly discuss rhetorical strategies for convincing your audience that your solution is the best and should be implemented.

1.Hiring educators to teach in a bilingual program.  Most likely, there will not be a problem hiring teachers who speak English.  However it will be more difficult to find teachers who speak Spanish.  There would need to be funds to pay the teachers.  The idea would need to be approved by school official.  It may be a little difficult because it can be expensive to hire essentially two teachers for one classroom.  Instead, school administrators can only hire teachers who are fluent in Spanish and English.  Another way is having a part time teacher come into the classroom for part of each day or during certain times of the day.

2.) try to campaign for bilingual education

Supporter of bilinugal education can advocate for bilingual programs.  They can team up and campaign together.  Parents, school administrators, and teachers can be vocal advocates.  These supporters can educate others on the positive effects on students.  Then, they can take a poll/survey on whether or not parents would want bilingual education programs.  If the results are in favor of instilling the programs, then supporters can use this to argue their point.  It will take time, fund raising, and participation to run a campaign.  This solution is possible because people who are supporters are passionate about the cause and are willing to advocate.  Especially, parents want the best for their children.  Some parents may be opposed to bilingual education, but if advocates can convince them there will be a stronger push for the programs.

3.) creating a program that works well in classroom

This would work because it is realistic and attainable.  Teachers can learn about specific programs and then introducing it to students.  You would need the support of parents and school officials.  You would need a financial budget for classroom materials and for instruction.  It is feasible because school officials and teachers are use to implementing and adjusting curriculum plans.  Teachers may not want to implement these programs because there is already so much material that they are expected to teach and students need to learn.  This argument can be contradicted because there are cultural and intellectual benefits for learning in a bilingual classroom. 

In my opinion, it would be best to create a bilingual program that works well in a classroom.  It will be easier for school official to learn a new program than having to create one.  School officials can rest assured that this program is effective.  I will use information from one of my sources that discusses how to implement bilingual programs.  Also, I will use an example of a school district where a teacher came in to a classroom on some days to teach the students Spanish.  This is a good example because it was successful.  I would like to use a combination of strategies that were suggested to implement bilingual program along with my own ideas to create a specific bilingual program.  I would like to use logos including statistics on the rising number of Spanish speakers in the U.S. to show the need for bilingual education.  This will help convince my reader.  Also, I would like to display pictures of young students who are enjoying learning in a bilingual classroom.  Pictures like these will show how bilinugal education is attainable.     


M 3/31: Read one paragraph of your essay very carefully.  Without referring back to that paragraph, rewrite it in a freewrite.  Consider before you write: you might have more or less to say about the topic than time allows so don’t be afraid to either not cover everything or to go dramatically off topic.

There are many benfits to exposing children to bilingual education at a young age.  They are in their prime time stage of development.  Their communication and language skills grow very quickly.  Dr. Colleti argues that children are able to learn two languages at once.  Students in elementary school need to take advantage of this critical period in their development.  Students are more likely to be good students in high school and professionals.

Daily Post 3/26

W 3/26: Your rough draft is due tomorrow. As such, take this opportunity to evaluate your draft before you ask your peers to review it. Which sections are the most polished? What aspects of your paper need the most work? What skills do you need to focus on?

I need to add more length to my rough draft.  I would like to include a few more paragraphs.   I am going for parallelisms within the essay. For the effects on not having a bilinugal program, I need to make sure I have both effects on the society and effects on the individual student.  For the effects of having a bilingual program, I need to make sure I have the effects on both the society and the individual.  This creates parallelism.  Also, I need to add another paragraph of the causes of not having bilingual programs.  I wrote about the politics of that play a role in the limitations of bilingual education.  However, I need to add a paragraph about the misconceptions.  My introduction serves as a rough idea of what my paper will be about.  The next step includes taking it a step further and filling the essay with the material to match up with the introduction and the thesis.  Once I have this all connected, I believe my paper will be better.